500 EP


A1 • GTV
B1 • 911 • Ridge Racer mix by Goto
B2 • 500

Behind the Sølvpil moniker, we find Danish producer Anders Remmer aka. Dub Tractor aka. Jet, who was also one-third of Future 3, later to become System – people used a lot of aliases in the '90s...

As Sølvpil, he produced minimalist, thumbing, dub-techno, exclusively for Multiplex – always captured in impressive, one take, recording sessions – and named after various car models.

Anders released his "500 EP" in 1996, but he also contributed tracks to the Get Lost and Past-Present+Future compilations, as well as Tivoli Trax.

The original vinyl release containes Goto's "Ridge Racer Mix" of 911, but the digital version features the original track.

2022 • MUPL 016 • digital
1997 • MUPL 016 • 12"

MUPL 016