Sound Of Stas


A1 • Ebb
B1 • Pheni
B2 • Steel Wind • Paul Teebrooke mix

Steve Pickton has delivered one of the most sought after Multiplex releases. The 1997 EP "Sound Of Stas", created under his Stasis alias, it consists of three beautiful, tripping house tracks.

"Ebb", the first track, is just that - a journey through a world of different melodic elements and drum patterns. It demands hands waving above any dance floor. So well put together.

On "Pheni" he has a more minimalistic approach. It has a more dubby feel and features very metallic percussion, but is also very atmospheric.

Rounding of this timeless release, Pickton mixes his "Steel Wind" track as Paul W. Teebrooke, his legal name prior to adoption. This one is a slower, dreamy, break beat track - reminiscent of early Richard James productions.

1997 • MUPL 015 • 12"

MUPL 015