Cai Bojsen-Møller

A1 • Rotating • Live at Klub VEGA
B1 • Modern Vision
B2 • Funk-Z-Ning

The A-side track of the 1997 release is a classic techno cut, recorded live at a performance in Copenhagen's Klub Vega. There are definite references to early productions from the likes of Transmat and F-Com.

On the flip side, we find two tracks of Cai's debut album A Bit of Something (MPCD 04):

"Modern Vision" is a bit darker and metallic, but stays true to the minimalistic approach of both Cai Bojsen-Møller's own style as well as that of his peers — reminiscent of Stasis.

The well named "Funk-Z-ning" takes things down a bit. It is quite a groovy journey and a more electro'ish approach, laced with keys but still minimalistic.

Cai's 909 excursions are a still sort after today — check out his latest double EP The Spirit of Man and Machine (MUPL 031 & 033).

2022 • MUPL 021 • digital
1997 • MUPL 021 • 12"

MUPL 021