Polly Pocket EP

Artificial Funk

A1 • Zone One
A2 • Polly Pocket
B1 • Funk Sensation
B2 • Super Frog
B3 • Tales From Da' B Side

In 1996 Artificial Funk returned to Multiplex with this follow-up to the debut EP "Real Funk" (MUPL 003) from '95.

Producer Rune RK (aka. Kölsch) was clearly still heavily influenced by the jacking Chicago house of the time. This second release by Artificial Funk is harder though — bordering on glitchy techno.

As a bonus on the digital release, we have included the voiced intro track, which did not make it onto the original vinyl record.

2022 • MUPL 009 • digital
1996 • MUPL 009 • 12"

MUPL 009