The J Is Silent

John Tejada

A1 • Ontic • co-produced by Arian Leviste
A2 • The Great Pumpkin
B1 • Vermillion • co-produced by Arian Leviste
B2 • The J Is Silent

This is one of the first EPs ever by the extremely productive John Tejada. All are very atmospheric and will fit nicely in any well assorted house set.

These are four timeless tech-house tracks, as relevant to the ear today, as when they first released twenty years ago. "The Great Pumpkin" for instance is reminiscent of much later productions including current releases on Kompakt.

On "Ontic" and "Vermillion" Tejada has joined forces with Arian Leviste, who he would later corporate with to great length on Palette Recordings.

1997 • MUPL 023 • 12"

MUPL 023