Tivoli Trax vol. 2


A1 • Westside Supremes • Slow Down Angel
A2 • DJ JSL • Eat My Shorts
B1 • Tim Driver • Summer Dream
B2 • Goodiepal • Body Toaster • feat. Per Høier

Tivoli Trax was a Multiplex series paying tribute to local artists connected to Kong's Mantra night club, while it was based in Copenhagen's Tivoli Gardens. This 1997 EP followed the '96 Vol. 1, before a 12 track CD compilation was released in '98.

Westside Supremes opens the A side with an optimistic and very 90's break beat inspired track. Unknown to most Westside Supremes is actually a duo consisting of Goodiepal and Kong.

DJ JSL brings some hip-hop rooted beaks to the table. While on the flip side, Tim Driver kicks it off with a deep house production featuring some fast phased keys. Both JSL and Tim Driver would go on to form the Copenhagen bass music crew OHOI! and are also know from their own Kraken Recordings.

The B2 cut is produced by Goodiepal, originally from the Faro Islands, his every experimental productions and live performances in Copenhagen got him an international following early on. This one is a fun, 8-bit arcade'ish, slightly manic track.

1997 • MUPL 019 • 12"

MUPL 019